What Are the Benefits of Using
Shared Mail for My Business?

What Are the Benefits of Using Shared Mail for My Business?

  • Shared mail is very cost effective – typically 1/3 the cost of other direct mail options

  • Provides excellent market coverage in every mailing

  • High visibility and high readership piece in the mailbox

  • Precision targeting available

  • Ability to run acquisition and retention messages in the same piece with the Impact Postcard

  • Customized direct mail marketing plan for your business

  • All-inclusive price for design, printing, postage and delivery

A Little Shared Mail History

Shared mail is a relatively “new” concept that came about in the 1980’s. The United States Postal Service passed a ruling that allowed multiple advertisers to share the cost of mailing by combining their ads into one package. This ruling opened the door for direct mail companies to provide businesses with a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver their message to current and potential customers. In fact, the cost of advertising in a shared mail package can be as low as pennies per household. Hooray for progress!

Do You Have Any Questions About How Direct Mail Can Grow Your Business?

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