Consumer Analytics

It’s the proof. Consumer data gives you the insight to attract new customers & grow your business. Database AnalysisRedemption Analysis


Consumers are increasingly complex.  Leveraging predictive consumer data allows you to target the best customers and make better use of your advertising dollars.  Various sources of consumer data that are applicable to your business can be used in combination to narrow the field of consumers to reach with your marketing messages.

Client data drives us to your BEST CUSTOMER.  Through multiple data sources, Mspark has the ability to answer 4 fundamental questions to build an effective marketing solution.


WHO are your customers?

WHAT are they like?

WHERE do they live?

HOW can you reach them cost effectively?

Database Analysis

Examining existing clients is the best way to understand your customer base.

Mspark uses database analysis to transform customer information into a powerful marketing tool. In addition to your customer information, we use several sources of predictive data to assist in developing a portrait of your best customer. Through data analysis, we locate your best current customers and best potential prospects.

Then, based on the findings of our analysis, we help you develop the most cost-effective solution to reach your existing customers, as well as potential customers that look just like them.

Inquire Case Study

Step 1

Your offers are received by the consumer in their mailbox.

Step 2

Customers redeem coupons, which your employees collect and save until the end of the promotional period.

Step 3

Once your promotion has ended for the period, return your coupons to Mspark in the prepaid UPS envelope we provide.

Step 4

Once we receive your coupons, we will analyze the results to determine which of your offers worked best.

Step 5

We then define which offers were the most popular with your customers and use this information to maximize response in future mailings.

Redemption Analysis

Knowing how consumers respond to your advertising messages provides invaluable data to enhance your marketing programs.  Through Mspark Redemption programs, we offer the ability to discover what offers work the best for your business and determine where your customers are coming from.  Along with our talented team of designers and marketing professionals, we can help you create a response-driven promotion that will increase traffic into your stores.

Track your results

Take the guesswork out of achieving ROI. Find out how many coupons were redeemed compared to the number of coupons that were mailed.

Gain a competitive edge

Mspark will analyze all of your redeemed coupons to help determine which offers are the most popular with your customers.  Gaining this valuable intel is helpful in maximizing response in future mailings.

See results

After every mailing, Mspark calculates the return on your investment, so you can see month-to-month progress and make adjustments as needed to improve results.

Grow sales

By knowing what offers drive sales, you can encourage customer loyalty.  This creates a cycle of returning customers while increasing sales and traffic.

Mspark works for you

From Research to Strategy and Graphics, you have a team at Mspark working for you, with the common goal of your success.

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