For Our Customers

Send Us Your ArtTemplates

Welcome to Mspark’s Art Process!

We appreciate your business and strive to make the art process simple. Below is information that will help you better understand the file types we accept as well as our process for receiving and processing your art.

Media Types:

cdrom dvd bluray flash

Program Capabilities:

    • Most Macintosh applications (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and QuarkXpress.)
    • We accept files saved as EPS, JPG, PSD, TIF or PDF, provided they are at least 300 dpi and at least 100% of the final size to be used.

Scanning Formats:

Up to 11 X 17, max image 10.5 X 16.5, reflective
(photographs or artwork.)

  • No transparencies or negatives

Electronically Transferring Files:

If you wish to send us your files, here are some guidelines that might help you:

The Mspark FTP Site:

Files larger than 10MB can be sent to us via your web browser by clicking the button below.



Files less than 10MB can be emailed to your Mspark client engagement specialist.

Your FTP Site:

If you would prefer that we download art from your FTP site, please contact your Mspark account manager.

Program Specifications:

  • When sending electronic files, please be sure to include ALL associated linked files (illustrations, scans, etc) and ALL fonts (printer and screen) used in your documents.
  • For proper output and printing, please be sure to convert all images from RGB format to CMYK format before sending your files.  Also, please be sure to convert all custom and/or spot colors to CMYK format before sending your files.
  • Black type should be set as 100% K and not as CMYK type.

All Products:

For additional information concerning your electronic files, please contact your Mspark account manager.

Useful downloads for art requirements:

Click on a product tab below to view specifications. Click the product name to download a sample template.

Wrap Pages
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
Wrap (Single Page Ad)8×10.57.5×9.875
Double Truck (Center Spread) (Single Page Ad)16×10.515.5×9.875
Half Wrap (Horizontal Half Page)7×4.5
4 Page Wrap Set (4/4)15.5×9.875*
Wrap Banner Inside Horizontal10.5×29.875×1.75
Wrap Banner Outside2×10.51.75×5
Target Print & Mail (Coated)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
COATED VALUE SHEET (Horizontal)5.67×115.17×10.375
COATED VALUE SHEET (Vertical)11×5.6710.375×5.17
SLIM JIM PREMIUM (Horizontal)4×124.25×12.25
SLIM JIM PREMIUM (Vertical)12×412.25×4.25
Targeted Print & Mail (Enamel)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
MINI SHEET (Horizontal)8.5×4.3757.875×3.875
MINI SHEET (Vertical)4.375×8.53.875×7.875
SLIM JIM (Horizontal)12×411.375×3.5
SLIM JIM (Vertical)4×123.5×11.375
4 PAGE INSERT (50# Enamel)16×10.515.5×9.875*
4 PG OVERSIZE INSERT (Horizontal)10.5×119.875×10.5
4 PG OVERSIZE INSERT (Vertical)11×2110.5×20.125
CB1-E-8 (coupon book) (60# Enamel)8.3125×3.57.8125×2.75
offers/no coupons
staggered date coupons
top/bottom coupons
Targeted Print & Mail (Enamel-Full Bleed)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
VALUE SHEET (Horizontal)11×5.6711.25×5.92
VALUE SHEET (Vertical)5.67×115.92×11.25
STANDARD SHEET (Horizontal)11×8.511.25×8.75
STANDARD SHEET (Vertical)8.5×118.75×11.25
OVERSIZE SHEET (Vertical)10.5×1110.75×11.25
MEGA SHEET (Vertical)10.875x12.2511.125x12.5
Impact Postcard (Full Bleed)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
IMP-9-MSG (Front)8.5×58.75×5.25
IMP-9-MSG (Address Side)4.125×54.25×5.25
IMP-9-IMG (Front)9x49.25x4.25
IMP-9-IMG (Address Side)5x45.125x4.25
IMP-9-FIX (Address Side)4.125x54.25x5
SMP-9-VAR_1cpn (Front)8.5x58.75x5.25
SMP-9-VAR_1cpn (Address Side)4.125x54.25x5
SMP-9-VAR_2cpns (Front)8.5x58.75x5.25
SMP-9-VAR_2cpns (Address Side)4.125x54.25x5
SMP-9-VAR_4cpns (Front)8.5x58.75x5.25
SMP-9-VAR_4cpns (Address Side)4.125x54.25x5
Simple Solo Coated (Non-Bleed)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
TPM-9-E (Left Indicia)8.5×118×10.375
TPM-9-E (Right Indicia)8.5×118×10.375
TPM-9-G (Horizontal)8.5×7.337.875×6.83
TPM-9-G (Vertical)7.33×8.57.875×6.83
TPM-E-J Solo (Bottom Indicia)16×10.515.5×9.875
TPM-E-J Solo (Top Indicia)(50# Enamel)16×10.515.5×9.875
TPM-E-K Solo (40# Enamel)21×1120.125×10.5
Simple Solo Coated (Full Bleed)
Piece TypeTrim SizeImage Area
TPM-9-E (Left Indicia)8.5x118.75x11.25
TPM-9-E (Right Indicia)8.5x118.75x11.25
TPM-9-G (Horizontal)8.5x7.338.75x7.58
TPM-9-G (Vertical)7.33x8.57.58x8.75
TPM-9-OS Vertical11x1511.25x15.25
TPM-9-OS Horizontal15x1115.25x11.25