Promote Tax Season 2018 With Direct Mail

In the wake of the 2017 Equifax breach, the Federal Trade Commission has advised everyone to file taxes early, stating, “File as soon as you have the tax information you need, before a scammer can. Tax identity theft happens when someone uses your Social Security number to get a tax refund or a job. Respond right away to letters from the IRS.”

The Journey from Digital To Direct Mail

I had an opportunity not long ago to listen to a speaker present about digital marketing for a local SMB located here in Birmingham, Alabama. The speaker was a young guy, very enthusiastic, came from an agency on the west coast, and had been brought in to lead the local business’s marketing program.

Fitness Industry Marketing Trends for 2018

When you think about it, the health and fitness industry has had quite a lot of wild and wacky fads – at least in modern history. But something is changing as Americans become more aware, through technology and better information, of the state of their health and wellbeing.

How to Attract Toy and Hobby Shop Customers

The first tip is staying ‘top of mind’, by letting people know you are in the neighborhood and have great items to offer at amazing prices. How do you make potential customers aware of your business? For toy and hobby retailers, direct mail should be on their radar.