Case Studies

See how we ignite results for our clients.


Case Studies

See how we ignite results for our clients.

Redemption Analysis Case Study - Grocery

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Mailing Results

3 grocery store locations mails a wrap page across 3 markets,


Households Mailed


Coupons Redeemed


Minimum Sales Gains (Dollars)

Customers were incentivized with aggressive coupon offers for select items with a minimum $5 purchase.

Minimum Sales Gain from Coupons Redeemed:

  • Dole Classic Iceberg Salad – $19,857
  • Frito Lay Ruffles Potato Chips – $35,288
  • Coca-Cola Products – $26,252
  • Ham – $29,426
  • Bath Tissue – 12 Double Roll – $28,660
  • Paper Towels – 8 Roll – $24,633

Coupons Redeemed


Dole Classic Iceberg Salad • 3,126


Ham • 2,680


Frito Lay Ruffles Potato Chips • 5,129


Bath Tissue, 12 Double Roll • 3,637


Coca-Cola Products • 3,761


Paper Towels, 8 Roll • 3,126

For every $1 spent on advertising with Mspark, this grocer received at least  $58 back in sales.


Case Study

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Planet Fitness direct mail advertising
Planet Fitness direct mail advertising
Planet Fitness direct mail advertising

Identifying the Client’s Need

The client was looking to increase their new member enrollment and grow their market share.

Mspark Engagement

We mailed to five zip codes surrounding their location – for a total of 71,000 households.  The piece (SMP) highlighted their differentiators – open 24 hours, extensive equipment, free training and $10 per month, no commitment membership.

Delivering Results

The initial mailing produced over 800 new members.  The client appreciated the value of the SMP (Smart Market Postcard), because they can hit 3 times as many homes compared to solo mail.

Key Analysis

Reaching the right audience using the mailbox drives sales results!!


Zip Codes




New Members

You expect these kinds of numbers from a new location, but we were VERY pleased for an established gym like this one to recruit this many members!”


-General Manager, Planet Fitness


Case Study

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Great Clips direct mail advertising
Great Clips direct mail advertising
Great Clips direct mail advertising

Identifying the Client’s Need

The client expressed his need to drive traffic from existing and new customers.  He also wanted to increase awareness and traffic for a new location.

Mspark Engagement

We mailed our Wrap product to neighborhoods within the market area two months in a row.  The piece included aggressive offers to be showcased during the peak Back to School season.

Delivering Results

Over 1,000 coupons were redeemed during the promotional period.  The existing locations continues to see new and existing customers coming in with the coupons, providing them a loyalty and acquisition solution in one!  The new location began to see traffic and sales as a result of the mailing.

Key Analysis

Saturating the market area with aggressive offers via the mailbox drives results!


Months for the promo



I am very satisfied with the results and continue to utilize Mspark for the off season as well as our major peak seasons including spring break, prom, back to school, Thanksgiving and Christmas!


-General Manager, Great Clips


Database Case Study

OBJECTIVE: Due to increased frustration with the newspaper's lack of coverage and targeting capabilities, this furniture retailer turned to Mspark for solutions to increase sales and traffic and to promote their business to existing and potential new customers.


Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis

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Customer Database Records


Customer Penetration

Average Customer Spent

Mspark Approach

Utilize the retailer’s 24,000 record database to perform a Lifestyle Segmentation Analysis to determine:

Where are their customers coming from?

  • Performed analysis to determine retailer’s trade area
  • Within a 131,000+ household trade area, 21,000+ were customers (15% customer penetration)

Who are their customers?

  • Age range: 40-50
  • Income: Middle
  • Core Tapestry Segments: Heartland Communities & Praire Living

What are their Customers Like?

  • Identified select segments of customers more likely to spend a larger amount at their store
  • Average customer spend: $3,333

Post Analysis?

  • Client impressed with Mspark’s sophisticated analysis and actionable recommendations
  • Client dropped newspaper coverage and signed an annual shared mail agreement


I was very impressed with the sophisticated analysis and actionable solutions Mspark delivered.


-Furniture Store Owner

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