Direct Mail

While the specifics may vary from product to product,
our primary goal remains the same: To provide
you with unmatched customer service while
maximizing your return on your advertising investment.

Impact Postcard

Shared MailSolo Mail

Shared Mail

Save on postage and reach more households at a favorable CPM by mailing your printed pieces with offers from other merchants in a single package.

Mspark Makes an Effective Channel Even More Effective

Shared mail allows multiple advertisers to share the cost of mailing by combining their individual printed ads into one open package. This provides an extremely affordable and effective advertising strategy for almost any business.

  • 98% household saturation
  • Graphics, print and targeting included
  • High visibility drives readership and response
  • ZIP, sub-ZIP and carrier route targeting available


Looking to mail an entire market or trade zone?  Choose our Wrap piece, so named because it wraps around the inserted mail.  Each page of the Wrap is full-color, 8.5″ x 11″, and reaches 98% of the households in a defined area, resulting in high readership and high visibility in the mailbox.


  • Delivers improved return on investment by saturating full-market or zone coverage at the most efficient cost
  • Saves you time and money by including graphics, print and mailing services
  • Drives readership and response with high visibility


  • Full-color
  • 8.5″ x 11″ standard with half pages and double pages available
  • Enamel paper
  • Wraps around the inserts

IMPACT Postcard

Gain full market reach with low cost per mailing. Looking for your ad to stand apart from the rest and grab extra attention? If you like the stand-alone advantage of solo mail, but not the solo mail cost, then the IMPACT Postcard is a great option for you. The IMPACT Postcard stands alone in the mailbox and is delivered along with the Wrap. A highly impactful piece, it’s ideal for introducing a new product, service or promotion.


  • Maximizes advertising dollars with precise ZIP Code targeting
  • Offers solo mail visibility at a fraction of the cost
  • Saves you time and money by including graphics, print and mail services
  • Drives readership and response with high visibility


  • Full print bleed and colors on each side
  • 5″ x 8.5″
  • Coated paper on one side
  • Accompanies Wrap package

Targeted Print & Mail

Our most cost-effective approach to target marketing. Want the power of targeting combined with the flexibility of piece size options? Then the TPM is for you. Target specific audiences with your message displayed on any of 10 different size options ranging from a modest 4.38″ x 8.5″ to a grand 11″ x 17″ 4-page set. Inserted within the Wrap, these TPM pieces provide another cost-effective mailing choice.



  • Maximizes advertising dollars with targeting available at ZIP, sub ZIP or carrier route levels
  • Saves you time and money by including graphics, print and mailing services
  • Drives readership and response with high visibility


  • Full color and economically-minded reduced colors available
  • Variety of sizes
  • Enamel, coated one-side and high-bulk paper options
  • Inserted within Wrap

Client-Provided Inserts

Enjoy greater targeting and saturation. Our client-provided insert program is perfect for companies who want to utilize diverse distribution channels with a single print run and national companies looking for even lower per-piece costs than our already cost-efficient rates. You get the benefit of our industry-leading micromarketing capabilities and reliability while creating and printing your own advertisement.

Shared Mail Specifications Guide. To view our complete shared mail specifications guide detailing the design, print, and shipping requirements for inserts, click here.

If you have a question or request that is not covered in this specifications guide, please contact your Mspark sales representative.


  • Maximize advertising dollars and reach your best customers by targeting at ZIP, sub-ZIP or carrier route levels
  • Saves time and money with provided mailing services
  • Drives readership and response with high visibility


  • Greater choice of color, sizes, paper and printing options
  • Multiple distribution channels capable with a single run

Solo Mail Solutions

Stand out from the crowd with Mspark’s Solo Mail program! We’ll get your message across to your current and potential audiences in a single, dedicated mailing focused on your—and ONLY your—message. Choose from our wide selection of proven turnkey products or we’ll create a custom design for you with our industry-leading graphics, targeting and distribution services. Then we’ll build, print, address, process, and distribute your advertising message to as many as 128 million households!


Solo Mail Delivers Great Results

  • Achieve the best possible, most cost-effective postal discounts
  • Save time and money — graphics, print and mailing services included
  • Drive readership and response through high visibility

Full-Service, One-Stop-Shop Convenience

  • Increase solo mail effectiveness with strategic analysis of program objectives
  • Enjoy full direct mail services including list acquisition, integrated data services, addressing, logistics and mail tracking
  • Choose from easy-to-execute formats or custom designs

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